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The Show

Conversations over Cappuccino is a new television and web show about people. It is about people’s lives, loves, emotions, relationships, hopes, dreams and more.

Conversations is about people as they are, not as TV pretends they are. We consider it to be true reality TV.

We hope you will join us in our journey of discovery as Conversations is, after all, simply about us. And we hope to have a lot of fun along the way as we find out just who we are and why we do the things we do.

Portrait of an Artist Series
I started a new series for my Conversations over Cappuccino Podcast called Portrait of an Artist featuring local artists. This one is from the Saugerties Artists Studio Tour 2017 opening @ Opus 40. This one is of Artistic Photographer Michael Nelson getting all these creative souls together for a photo shoot.

This video features Saugerties Artist Hugh Morris talking about his Green Tree painting at the Saugerties Artists Studio Tour 2017 Opus 40 opening. This video is the second in my Portrait of an Artist series for my Conversations over Cappuccino Podcast. So many artists – so little time!!!

Jessica Springsteen Winning 2016 HITS $1 Million Grand Prix Horse Jumping Event

Mara Hsiung Inspiringly Graceful Aerial Art Dance Performance

Linda Huang Amazingly Graceful Aerial Silks Dance Performance

A fun show about llamas ~ Todd Smith’s AMAZING Llamas ~ WATCH THEIR EARS! ~ So Adorable 

Joanne Rose & Her Wonderful Family of Goats (& other critters)
This very touching story entitled “JoAnne Rose & Her Wonderful Family of Goats (& other critters)” is featured in this second episode of the web/TV show Conversations Over Cappuccino www.conversationsoc.com. JoAnne’s goat rescue farm shows the exceptional caring and empathic connection she has developed with each of the rescued animals. This has resulted in a cooperative community among the animals. It was an inspiring experience for me (Marty Korn ~ Producer/Host of Conversations Over Cappuccino) to be able to witness & begin to understand the depth of feeling among all the animals with each other & with JoAnne. This caring was not not only evident in the community of goats but also in the turkeys, chickens and other animals. JoAnne manufactures Sweet Rama Homemade Goat Milk Soap in order to support her uplifting endeavor www.sweetramasoap.com.

Woodstock’s Noami Aleh Leaf Discusses her Life as she enters the Second Century
Woodstock’s inspiring Noami Aleh Leaf was interviewed by Marty Korn & Guest Host Linda Diamond shortly before her 102nd birthday. This dynamic woman danced Judaic Biblical themes for many years and her wonderful spirit and wisdom continues to inspire the Woodstock community into her 2nd century of life.

Noami Alef Leaf – A Tribute to Noami on her 102 Birthday

Claire Lambe, Artist Woodstock NY
Artist Claire Lambe of Woodstock, NY discusses her artwork from her trip to Costa Rica.

Jonathan McCrea riding Special Lux 2nd place run in the HITS 2016 $50,000 Grand Prix event, Saugerties NY. Conversations Over Cappuccino will be exploring the bond between man and animals extensively.


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