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Conversations Over Cappuccino is a production by Marty Korn & his media company Woodstock Dreams Media www.woodstockdreams.com. Woodstock Dreams is a full service media development and production company. Woodstock Dreams was founded and in order to creatively work with the intensely creatively spirit of the artists and musicians of Woodstock and the surrounding areas. We are committed to helping creative souls to advance their goals without the corporate restraints often place on them.

Marty KornMarty has been involved in media production and technical development for over 20 years. He has a broad range of experience including television series, web media, graphic design, creative writing and much more. He is also a stone artist and has a passion for helping others develop their creative visions.


Other projects and websites Marty has developed include:

I am passionate about environmental causes and EcoAlliances is a site devoted to developing innovative solutions to the escalating environmental crises


Why Woodstock?
I devoted this “Resource and Creativity Center” to the creative & spiritual spirit that is the village Woodstock.


Computer Woodstock
My computer servicing, education and web develop business in Woodstock, NY.


Saving Cooper Lake
This artistically creative web site was dedicated to stopping Niagara Bottling Company from purchasing the free waters of Cooper Lake.

Video Productions:
Please Let Us Be: Reforesting Our World

This video was produced as part of a series on global warming and climate change to help to communicate both the seriousness of the problem and also the hope of effective solutions.
Produced by Marty Korn, EcoAlliances – Woodstock, NY
Song by Marji Zintz – www.marjizintz.com


Reviews for Please Let Us Be

“Please Let Us Be…very very exceptional…the entire message was right on target and the picture of the girl with a tear in her eye was absolutely awesome…what pictures! Everything came together with the audio, pictures, and the message was clearly creative!!!! The pictures and the animals…the pandas, everything was just superb!” SG


“Tears stream down my cheeks as I watched. Let it be, Let it be…My heart is full, the music, the voice, the pictures, the message, wonderful.” AS


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